Artists Development Fund

Artists Development Fund

Young, emerging artists have the power to shape the future.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing today’s young artistic talents one day become leading choreographers, composers, xiqu masters and theatre directors. At West Kowloon, we make their career trajectory our priority and focus.

Nurture the next generation of artists

The Tea House Rising Stars Troupe and Freespace Ensemble were birthed in 2018 and 2021 out of this commitment. While the former provides early-career xiqu artists with regular and performance opportunities, mentoring and professional development support, the latter draws together some of the brightest local musicians to collaborate and experiment, introducing fresh and exciting musical possibilities.

With your contribution, these artists’ futures look bright!

Online Donation

(Donations of HK$100 or above are tax-deductible.)

To learn more about donations, please contact [email protected].

Tea House Rising Stars Troupe

To ensure the longevity of Xiqu and to continue to innovate, we need to continue to provide emerging Cantonese Opera artists with platforms to perform, resources and opportunities for them to pursue their ambitions.

The Troupe works to support early-career artists, offering them regular performance opportunities, ensuring that they are physically and emotionally equipped for the journey, and to provide artistic development support to enrich their practice.

Support from private individuals can further our efforts to create a sustainable environment for local talents to grow and allow West Kowloon to commit to the long-term development of Cantonese Opera.

Giving Categories

            Giving Categories

             Amount per year

             HKD500,000+ (Premier Circle)

             HKD250,000 (Trailblazer)

             HKD100,000 (Innovator)

             HKD50,000 (Advocate)

             HKD10,000 (Associate)

             HKD5,000 (Supporter)

             Below HKD5,000 (Donor)

Target Participants:
Local primary-school teachers and students

Participating primary schools and selected communities in Hong Kong

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our Donation Funds, please contact us at [email protected]k.

Your gifts provide crucial support for us to continue to bring dazzling world-class performances to you, invest in and nurture talents, and connect with people through performing arts at a time when social engagement is limited.

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The West Kowloon Cultural District is a place not only for artists, but also a ‘Place for Everyone’ – from kids to elderlies, from residents to visitors – it requires year-round funding to sustain all our art-related programmes to see it grow, flourish and thrive as a vibrant community. ​