West Kowloon
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Your unwavering support and encouragement plays a vital role in allowing West Kowloon to make art and culture accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to build and operate a vibrant cultural district for Hong Kong, dedicated to uniting talented local and international artists and audiences seeking inspiration, in order to celebrate culture and the arts in all their unique diversity.

While our strength and spirit are strong, we need your support to increase our impact. With your help, we know we can do more.

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We thank our partners and supporters for their continued generosity in making art and culture accessible to everyone.

You are what will make a real difference to the future of West Kowloon!

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The West Kowloon Cultural District is a place not only for artists, but also a ‘Place for Everyone’ – from kids to elderlies, from residents to visitors – it requires year-round funding to sustain all our art-related programmes to see it grow, flourish and thrive as a vibrant community. ​