The Dance WE Made @ West Kowloon

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The Dance WE Made @West Kowloon, presented in collaboration with British dance company Casson & Friends, is an accessible and interactive community dance project for everyone to participate and enjoy across the West Kowloon District.

The West Kowloon Dance Crew is formed by 15 amazing local dancers with different backgrounds and abilities, all trained by choreographer Tim Casson, founder of Casson & Friends. The dancers engage members of the public to co-create fun and spontaneous dance performances through conversations throughout the year in Hong Kong. Appropriate access services will also be provided in selected sessions to support people with disabilities to participate in the programme.

Your support will make a difference in our journey towards building a more diverse and inclusive arts ecosystem as we continue to nurture homegrown talents and provide more quality performances for the community! 

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The arts have the power to change lives and it is a way for us to tell our stories as a society. Long-term impact of involvement in the arts include a broader world view, increased confidence and empowerment, and we want to ensure that all students can enjoy these benefits. 


Over 3,000 concessionary tickets were sold in 2019 – 2020 and we continue to ensure that full-time students in Hong Kong can have access to performing arts experiences. We also want to continue to provide curated student events and performances each year at our venues to cultivate young audiences. 


Help us to inspire change through the arts by enriching the wellbeing of and igniting a creative passion in young people.


Giving Categories

          Giving Categories


             Amount per year

             HKD500,000+ (Premier Circle)

             HKD250,000 (Trailblazer)

             HKD100,000 (Innovator)

             HKD50,000 (Advocate)

             HKD10,000 (Associate)

             HKD5,000 (Supporter)

            Below HKD5,000 (Donor)

3 February to 3 July 2020

Participating primary schools and selected communities in Hong Kong

Your gifts provide crucial support for us to continue to bring dazzling world-class performances to you, invest in and nurture talents, and connect with people through performing arts at a time when social engagement is limited.

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The West Kowloon Cultural District is a place not only for artists, but also a ‘Place for Everyone’ – from kids to elderlies, from residents to visitors – it requires year-round funding to sustain all our art-related programmes to see it grow, flourish and thrive as a vibrant community. ​